Founding Partner

Karthik is a very pragmatic guy. Give him any problem and he will be able to give you a solution, be it life or architecture. What would interest you even more would be his reason for choosing architecture. He saw the twin towers collapse on 9/11 and was pretty fascinated about the way the building came down in stacks and started reading about the reasons behind it and got pulled into this fascinating world.

The best thing that ever happened to him during the 5 years of architecture education (so called) at SRM was when he trained with one of the most reputed architects Mr. Jaisim who taught him that philosophies are very important to a man as much as anything else. He got the real jest for architecture while interacting with the stalwart during his short stint there. After graduating from college he joined Edifice architects.

This was another eye opener as to what real world architecture is. After gaining about 5 years of experience in handling projects of various types and sizes he ventured into co founding  K SQUARE, hoping to create and impact since architecture is not only about designing spaces but deciding someone’s way of life as well!