” C’est La Vie ” by K Square Architects broadly translates to a French Phrase called This is Life. This is a house design for a couple who travelled extensively around the world and have acquired collectibles that are reminiscent of their experiences. Located on a sea front apartment tower caressed by the crisp breeze of Chennai’s coast, this apartment is designed to reflect the artistics sensibilities that clients mutually share with the designers. The entrance partition is designed as an abstraction of the stellar night sky , with its multifaceted glass and crystal composition that reflects lights like the twinkling stars. The idea for the partition is stemmed from the fact that the client is a pilot who cherishes the blissful night sky during his long haul flights mesmerised by the constellation of stars. The dining table is a sculptural element with its asymmetrical form & unconventional chairs made by the Art factory with five different materials representing the elements of nature that nurtures all life. Art plays a very vital role in the life of our clients who have meticulously curated pieces that reflect the times of their travel and experiences. The signature art piece that adds a splash of color is a set of paintings by G.Raman that is intentionally positioned on the far end of the living space to be experienced in its full glory. All the seating is upholstered in fabrics from Sarita Handa to infuse a sense of Indianness through the colors and patterns. The centre table is a vintage piece made of teak wood that reflects a touch of craftsmanship & warmth to the color palette. Neutral colors, deep stained wooden details, plethora of collectibles placed delicately against the canvas of art works sets the perfect ambience to cherish their journey through time.


Ranga Priya




3200 sq.ft



Project Overview


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